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Nate Ehrich

Founder & CEO

Nate believes in software. After co-authoring ten patents at IBM while building enterprise system monitoring software and helping Opt-Intelligence, Inc. build the first major self-service online lead generation platform, Nate founded SayForExample, Inc. The goal? Foster an environment where creative minds build innovative software ventures. First success, online market research. Second, alternative payments. Next? Maybe something to do with one of Nate’s other passion, hamburgers.

Vicky Ehrich

Director of Operations

With a penchant for detail, Vicky keeps operations humming and the money flowing. Though she started her career in graphic design and fashion, Vicky easily transitioned into a finance and operations role after assisting with the launch of SayForExample in 2005. When she’s not crunching numbers and wrangling spreadsheets you will find Vicky baking, sewing, taking photos or spending time with her family.

Corey Samuels

Director of Technology

Corey manages SayForExample's development team, software, and technology infrastructure. A computer engineer by training, he has worked as a developer, tech manager, and software architect at several companies large and small including Microsoft and Kaplan. When he's not coding, you're likely to find Corey fearlessly riding his twenty year old Cannondale touring bike through the streets of New York.

Emil Hedaya

Director of Product Development

Emil is responsible for guiding the ongoing design and development of SayForExample’s projects. A graduate of the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University, he has been involved in web development since 1995. He is focused on helping the team build software that delivers the best possible experience to its users. When he isn’t sketching an idea on a whiteboard or dealing out a deck of Agile sprint cards, Emil enjoys cooking, skiing, and spending time with his family.

Derek Kusagaya

Director of Media

Hailing from Southern California, Derek joined SayForExample in 2007 and has over 7 years of online media, sales and marketing experience. Over the last several years Derek has worn many hats and filled numerous roles for the company and has excelled in each one. Currently Derek manages SayForExamples' media buying and planning, and business development. When Derek's not measuring ROI or refreshing reports, you'll find him rock climbing or by the company pool table.